Choosing the right hat.

It is not always clear which hat is the best choice. Click on the button below to read our clay guide or scroll further to make your choice per season or model.

Find the appropriate hat

Per season

Not every hat is suitable for every season, hats are actually functional.

One hat offers more protection against the sun, the other is more resistant to the rain. Click on the symbol to find the suitable hat per season.

By model

For those who have more experience or know what they want, you can select your most ideal hat according to model.

You can choose from the classic including: fedora, porkpie, traveler, panama hats nez…

The best hat for every season.





Hat models.

fedora hats

Fedoras are considered to be the authentic classic hats. In general, they are more dressed than other types of hats. They always come with a bow on the side of the crown and can have different widths of brim.

traveler hats

More casual type of hats, nice for everyday.

Panama hats

The famous Panama hats that are awarded and praised for the best hat for the summer. Despite the name, they come from Ecuador and are woven by hand.

Pork pie hats

Very popular in the “rock a Billy” scene, these hats have a fun design and exude character. Their shape is typically round and always have a small brim

Small guide to hats and how to choose the right one.

Which hat is best for me?

The right hat can help you add personality and style to your outfit. But before you buy one, it’s important to consider which type of hat will best suit your face shape and the occasion.

Below are some general tips for certain face shapes to help you make your decision.

face shapes

round face

ight, a wide-brimmed hat can help make your face less round.

Square or rectangular face

If you have a square or rectangular face, a fedora will help soften the corners of your features.

Oval face

If you have an oval face, most hats will suit your features well. (Lucky boy)

The right hat for every season:

Hats are worn on different occasions, but mainly the season determines what kind of hat is worn. A winter hat in the summer would be dispensable!

Autumn and winter

In the fall or winter you have several choices to keep you warm. If you choose a hat, it is best to go for one that is made of felt.

Felt hats are a great option for anyone looking to keep themselves warm this winter.

What is felt?

Felt means if the hat is made of fur, nine out of ten is rabbit. These are the best priced of all felt hats. Another kind of felt can be Beever’s, which are remarkably finer and softer and are only used in the best hats.

Thanks to their insulating properties, hats in felt are best for the winter, because they keep the heat released by the head well inside the hat.

Another option is hats made in wool, also sometimes called wool felt. These are the cheapest option and that’s fine in itself, but there are important factors why I prefer a real felt hat.

1) Wool hats, like our clothes, can woolen (slightly fluff) over time.

2) sensitive to shrinkage, it has already happened that they can become smaller (not much but sometimes difficult)

3) Felt hats are easier to get back into shape by a hat maker (or maker).

Spring and Summer:

For spring or summer, the best option is to go for a hat made with natural straw.

Hats made from natural straw provide adequate coverage and protection from the sun. The material is light and breathable and keeps its shape well. The hat is a stylish accessory for your summer outfit and offers protection against UV rays while you are out in the sun.

Models of hats:

At Harbor of Men, as you could tell we are mainly focused on hats for men. Don’t worry ladies, these models also look good on you, it is only likely that you will have to take a smaller size.

We’ll use a few common names for the hats to keep it simple, because everyone calls certain hats differently.

Fedora Hats

Its popular, and for good reason. They give a sophisticated touch to outfits and are an iconic accessory.

traveler hats

a kind of fedora that looks more casual and everyday. They are great to wear in everyday life.

straw hats

When summer is in full swing, straw hats are in fashion. They come in different colors, designs and shapes. Straw hats are usually worn in summer to protect the head from the sun

Panama hats

are a hat that (despite the name) originated in Ecuador. The hats are usually made from a toquilla straw and woven by hand in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They are very light and offer ideal sun protection.

Pork pie hats

Are fun and playful models of hats. These hats are often characterized by a flat top, a rounded crown and a short brim.


Hats are a great way to add personality and flair to your outfit. The best hat for you depends entirely on your personality, preferences and style.

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