Buying a hat? Which hat fits my face best?

Which hat fits my face best?

Which hat fits my face best? This is often a question that is asked and to which the answer is quite simple if you know what to look for.

Here we give you some golden tips so that you make the best choice.

Round, small, rectangle, long or wide face.

Heads and faces come in all kinds of smells and colors.

In my opinion, people focus too much on this, there are many theories, but in practice it can be different.

Most importantly, the hat is a model that appeals to you, no matter what anyone says. When you can’t see yourself walking around in it anymore, it feels crazy and doesn’t look pretty either.

Suppose someone wears one of the most beautiful designer suits, but he or she does not feel comfortable in it, then the whole thing does not fit together either, and it shows.

Therefore, look at the whole of your style

For example, if you like to wear linen clothes in the summer, a Panama is always going to look very nice regardless of the edge.

If you like to wear something more casual then of course you will take no classic fedora.

Small edge or large edge?

This is a big dilemma for many people and I have already heard the craziest things people had thought about this.

Many people think that a small man cannot wear a big hat brim and that a big man should not wear a small hat brim.

My experiences with many people have helped them choose a hat I have noticed the following:

A small hat brim is often not flattering to many people.

This is because in my opinion, a small hat brim can accentuate a face shape. Suppose you have a long face, and you wear a hat with a small brim.

Emphasis is mainly placed on the crown, as the hat brim is less present. Also, the crown sits on top of your head once more so this makes your face look longer. Not ideal for someone who already has a long or small face.

One effect it can sometimes have with a large face is that it becomes even larger, this is because the hat is small compared to the face.

When in doubt, the best advice I can give you is go for a medium wide edge. This is what I call the golden ratio not too big, not too small just enough and always fits nicely.

Be sure to test this out for yourself, some can look very nice with a small border.

I therefore list here the pros and cons of each format, so that at the last you can always decide for yourself what you prefer to wear.

Small hat brim:

  • It looks (in some) a little more sporty.
  • Many think hot is less noticeable than a big border.
  • Less shielded from rain, snow or sun.
  • Not always flattering.

Large hat brim:

  • Emphasis is less on the crown, making it more flattering.
  • Better shielded from rain, snow and sun


  • Chances of it blowing away are higher.
  • One feels more watched than with a small edge.

Which hat fits my face best? Conclusion:

Many people will have their own opinions, but the most important is your own! If there is a model that you have dreamed of or would have loved to wear for years choose this one.

In the end, the one that appeals to you the most is also the one that will look best on you.

Because the best accessory no matter what one wears is self-confidence.

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