Let the sun shine!

Something we all look forward to is a good summer. A nice terrace, a refreshing drink, the soft glow of the sun caressing our skin.

But the sun can also be dangerous, which is why I want to caution you and give a few tips so you can enjoy the summer carefree. Because of my experience, I know how quickly one can get sunburned and, unfortunately, I regularly get people from the dermatologist with spots or worse skin cancer.

Below are the best tips for a worry-free summer:

  • Be sure to rub in often and preferably every 30 minutes, even when it is cloudy or when you are indoors. SPF protects against harmful UVB rays, but not against UVA.
  • When you are out in the sun it is best to wear a hat or cap. A hat is best because its large size creates more shade.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself, some think it is good to burn lightly to then get a tan. This means you have been in the sun unprotected for too long and your skin has a slight infection, which can later lead to skin cancer.
  • Avoid the tanning bed, even though we don’t like walking around pale (although this doesn’t bother me myself) there are plenty of studies that show it is very harmful to your skin.
  • Drink lots of water (and a pint or wine in moderation won’t hurt either, but drink mostly water)

These were some tips and hopefully you learned something. We give below our personal favorites products for the warmer days of the year:

A 100% natural linen shirt.

If you are a type who gets hot very quickly and sweats a lot in the process, you know there is nothing better than a linen shirt. Against cotton which is also considered an ideal fabric for during summer, linen takes it one step further.

Advantages of linen:
  • Does not stick to the body.
  • When sweating, no armpit puffs (fabric does not darken).
  • Breathable fabric and offers cooling.
  • Very strong.

A panama hat.

You probably saw this one coming, the iconic panama hat. How could it be different? They are stylish, light and are very comfortable to wear. We have written a small article about this magnificent hat here if you are interested.

Benefits of a (panama) hat.
  • Stylish.
  • Offer excellent Uv protection.
  • Breathable more than a closed hat made of fabric or felt.
  • Protects well the neck, neck and ears more than a cap.