DATA FROM Harbor of Men is part of Harbor of men bv. registered office at Leopoldstraat 63 – 2000 Antwerp – Belgium. Registered with the Crossroads Bank of odnernemingenl under the number BE 0726.532.671


These terms and conditions apply from the moment you order something.


Harbor of one is for consumers in Europe. You need a delivery address in Europe to order. Products that are in stock can be ordered from our website. Prices are fixed for 8 days and you know how much you will pay for an order. If an ordered product is out of stock and unavailable, we work to replenish it as soon as possible. A notification will be sent when this happens with your order. This can sometimes happen in the case of a sudden large number of orders for that same item. If we can’t deliver the package, we’ll refund your money

The price notification is subject to all reservations if they deviate too much from the actual sales price. (In case of incorrect price reporting)


All products for sale are so accurately described on the website…. ensures that the presentation and description of these products are accurate.

However, cannot be held liable for errors or mistakes.If the delivered item differs from the product description on the website or is incorrect, you have the option to exchange the product. If replacement or exchange is not possible, Headict will refund all or part of the amount paid.


Prices on our website are in Euro, including VAT. I the invouu will state the VAT amount. Any changes in the VAT rate will be made without notice.


We need this information to process your order: first name, last name, e-mail address, delivery address, phone or cell phone number.Do you have a discount code or voucher ? Enter it with your order. Discounts and vouchers are non-refundable. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale when ordering, You certify that the information you entered is correct and that you can and may make a purchase and payment via the Internet.

If the data you entered (order information, personal data) contains inaccuracies, you should contact us as soon as possible. If we find inaccuracies, We may reserve the right to cancel the purchase and the costs incurred may be at your expense.

pay At you can pay by Ideal, credit card.

To ensure the security of all our transactions, we use secure systems, including SSL to protect buyers and credit cards.Credit card transactions are not stored in human-readable form. When you enter your card information, the bank’s server receives encrypted data.

When you place an order, the payment request is sent directly to our secure online payment provider. This sends a request for permission to the credit card network. Electronic receipts are proof of a transaction, including what the payment amount was and when the transaction occurred, according to the civil code.

If you are a customer of KBC, Fortis, Argenta pf a,d other greek or dutch banks you can use Ideal by default.

Dutch/Belgian MasterCard, VISA and American Express cards are paid via an SSL-secured server that encrypts your credit card information. Credit card information is securely transmitted and not stored.

If you have outstanding saldiohe or have not resolved payment disputes related to your orders, we have the right not to fulfill the order or delivery.


We always check everything to make sure you receive your order on time and in perfect condition.

To prevent fraud, we perform extra checks to make sure everything is running smoothly and if something is not right, we will contact you. In the future, we may ask for your address and bank account information to prove that you live at the address we provide.

By accepting, you consent to providing this additional information upon their request. In addition, you acknowledge that any delay in the delivery of these terms is your responsibility.


On our website, you can create a personal account. To do this, password-protect your contact information and make sure you keep your password private.

When using a password, you must select and enter the password yourself. Make sure your password is not shared with others.

Please contact us if you have lost or forgotten your password.

We will send a new password to your email account within 48 hours. By providing your contact information and accepting these terms and conditions, you hereby give us permission to place cookies on your computer. Cookies help us log information, such as when

You do not have to re-enter your information every time you visit or order in the future.


Our products are packaged neatly and neatly for each sea shipment and work with reliable carriers who process orders within 2 business days.

Please note that shipping costs may vary depending on your product selection. We will inform you of this when you place an order.

Orders are delivered within 3 business days. Shipping risks are the responsibility of the customer. You can track your order with a rack &Trace Code.

We take special care in packaging fragile products and products of large or special size.


If you wish to return your purchase, you may do so within seven days of receipt. As long as you complete our return form and we receive the product in original condition with the original packaging, we will accept it.

We do not accept items that have been worn or washed. For returns send it tor: Harbor of men Leopoldstraat 63, Antwerp 2000 Belgium.

After inspection and approval of your return, we will refund your payment balance to your account within 30 business days. You also have the option to exchange for another item or request a credit.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to return it, you can do so within 7 days. If you want to exchange it instead, you can choose another item of the same value or a voucher that suits you.


Reasons if packages cannot be delivered to addressee:

  • addressee is not known at the address.

  • Order was not claimed.

  • package was rejected.

  1. addressee is not known at the address.

    if the packages have been returned by the delivery driver with the following message: “unknown addressee at this address”

As soon as we receive the package back from the delivery person, we will contact you. Once you pay additional shipping costs and place a new order, we will send the package to you.

If this incident occurs repeatedly , we reserve the right to reclaim the order instead of resending it.

2 Orders were not claimed.

If a package is not picked up at the post office or collection point within the specified time, it may be returned to the sender. As soon as we receive the package back from the delivery driver, we will contact you. Once you pay additional shipping costs and place a new order, we will resend the package to you.

If this incident occurs repeatedly , we reserve the right to reclaim the order instead of resending it.

3 If the shipment was refused.

If a package is refused upon delivery, we consider this a form of return.

If the return was returned with the following circumstances: unclaimed or refused. In this case there is no guarantee of availability of the products ordered, so we may have to refund your order if the product(s) is out of stock as a result.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to improve our range or service. We take your concerns very seriously and guarantee that any errors will be corrected.

You can also rest assured about the warranties offered by the brands.

We exclude liability for any damage or inconvenience you experience while visiting the website, receiving products and other services.

Below: external attacks,breakdowns and situations of force majeure and infections of computers with viruses .


We are proud of our website and welcome visitors to our site. At the same time, we want to protect against unwanted visits and misuse of our website.

All parts of our website are legally protected, both in terms of technology and content.

Any hyperlink that connects to our website through framing or deeplinking and any other linking method is prohibited.

If we request that you remove links, you must comply.


We reserve the right, for the purpose of our services, to collect personal data from our visitors through the use of cookies. for more detail about our privacy and how we process eprsonen’s data click heir.


The products on our site cannot be exchanged or returned. Regarding custom sizes.


We organize no-obligation contests. You can participate in these competitions without obligation and without buying anything. One of our winners will be notified by email.

By providing your email address, you automatically agree to receive our newsletter. You agree that we may postpone or cancel a contest at any time. Neither we nor any person appointed by us is liable (whether in contractual or tortious liability) for any incident