man starring at the valley with a hat

Harbor of men

If you ask our customers, we are more than a hat shop. Passionate about craft and authenticity, we only select products that we would use and wear ourselves.

The focus at Harbor of men:

A shop just for men.

If you read the name of the store you probably know that we focus on the men (maybe once in a while). But that does not mean that some ladies can also look cool with our collection.

Quality over quantity.

The selection of the collection is first judged on quality. The brands we work with are established in their region and use only the best materials for their products.

Local brands.

Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side, but then you realize that you don’t have to look far for good quality products. That certainly applies to our collection that comes from Belgium or elsewhere in Europe. This way you discover hidden gems and we also think about nature, because the products do not have to come from far.

Mensen aan het genieten met een zomer hoed

De beste zomer hoeden om je te beschermen tegen de zon en UV.

De beste zomer hoeden om je te beschermen tegen de zon en UV. Elk jaar ondervinden we dat er meer en meer mensen bescherming nodig hebben tegen de UV stralen…

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