for a hat or flat cap:

When you buy a hat for the first time, it’s important that you know your size.

The easy thing is that once you know, your head size is your size for both cap and hat. I’ll briefly explain to you below how to figure this out.

You need one of the following:

  • ribbon meter.
  • wire and a measurer.

with the ribbon meter:

This is the easiest way:

Take the ribbon meter and roll it around on your forehead. When you roll off the ribbon, the ribbon would stick three to max five millimeters above your ears. Then roll it back to your starting point.

Read how many centimeters the ribbon meter indicates, this is your size.


Tip : Always round up, suppose you measure 57.5 cm then you should take a 58. Even if you measure exactly 57 cm it is still advisable, that you take a 58.

Because imagine taking the exact same inch then the cap and or hat can’t fit properly over your head. Then it would literally sit on top of your head and that’s not pretty (and not practical).


Watch out!

Some hats use a different measurements such as small, medium, etc.

We have a table with the dimensions at the bottom of the page.


with measurer:

Roll a wire around your head and start just like the ribbon meter on your forehead and roll off the wire. The wire should stick three to five millimeters above the ears. Now where the wire meets, mark this point or cut it off. Now extent the wire stretched in front of you and measure it with a measurer from start to finish, or where you marked. the indicated number of centimeters is your size.


[table id=”1″ /]



How to find out size in gloves, measure your palm like the image below. It is important, however, that you do this with your dominant hand (the hand you use the most)

Then compare your measurement with the size chart below.


Small: 8 ½ (S)
21.8cm – 23.0cm
Medium: 9 (M)
23.1cm – 24.4cm
Large: 9 (L)
24.4cm – 25.7cm
Extra large: 10 (XL)
25.8cm – 27.1cm
Double extra large: 10 (2XL)
27.2cm – 28.4cm
Triple extra large: 11 (3XL)
28.5cm – 29.8cm