wide brim hat in rabbit felt from Borsalino


  • Model: traveller
  • Brand: Borsalino
  • Material: 100% rabbit fur felt, Suede
  • Features: elegant, stylish, water and dirt repellent, easy fit, warm


wide brim hat in rabbit felt from Borsalino:

When I see this wide brim hat in rabbit felt from Borsalino, I think…..Wow! Magnificent!

This hat is not the typical model for which the iconic brand Borsalino is known, many do not even know that Borsalino makes these types of models.

What sets this hat apart is the headband, often made of high quality cotton or silk at Borsalino. Now it is made of suede, which ensures that the hat gives more character.

The crown is also slightly wider which makes it (in my opinion) more comfortable to wear. The wider crown also adds that this hat compliments most face shapes.

The material of the hat is 100% fur (rabbit) of the highest quality. Many brands of hats order these felts from suppliers.

Borsalino makes all its own hat felts unlike most other brands, which order their felts from a supplier. This is because Borsalino absolutely use the highest quality materials for each hat and want to offer the best.

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