Vintage cap goat suede Stetson


Vintage cap goat suede:

  • Model: Newspaperboy cap, Gatsby
  • Brand: Stetsno
  • Material: Goat suede
  • Features: Tough, timeless, comfortable to wear
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Vintage cap goat suede:

When you see this vintage cap in goat suede you’ll think ‘wow!’ and you won’t be alone. With a rustic cognac color, paired with a timeless model, this cap has something cool, but also something classy at the same time.

This model is quite iconic and you will probably have seen it often in movies and/or series. Just think of the tough guys from Peaky Blinders or the charming cast of Downtown Abbey.

Because this type of cap has been around for so long, it has many names including Gatsby, Newspaperboy cap etc…

When you take this cap you immediately feel the quality of the leather and it is difficult to resist not just holding it in your hand. Just to feel the leather, the firmness and the soft bristles of the suede…

When you put this on your head you feel that it is incredibly comfortable to wear. This is because it can be worn a little wider, making it super comfortable on your head. This cap is usually very nice for people who wear slightly longer hair, (stubble) beard and/or glasses.

Personally, I can’t recommend this one enough myself. 😉


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