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UV repellent sun hat Crambés:

  • Model: traveller
  • Brand: Cramés
  • Material: Ultralight cotton
  • Properties: UV protection factor 80+, light, breathable, fresh
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UV repellent sun hat Crambés:

Wearing a hat during the summer is a must if we want to protect ourselves well against the sun, few hats do this as well as this UV-resistant sun hat from Crambés.

When we think of a summer hat, it’s usually the iconic Panama or any fun straw hat. But as you may have already experienced, this is not always so obvious to take with you. We have to be more careful, you can’t store it so easily, it shouldn’t get too wet during the rain and so on…

So you have to think about a lot with a summer straw hat…

What could be another possible option that is more practical? A hat made of cotton is a good option, but one immediately thinks of such a fisherman’s hat.

At least you can roll it up, fold it and can withstand the rain. In short, easy to store and carry. But if we’re honest, this one looks weird or rarely flattering on anyone.

But luckily there is a nice family business Cramés that has a nice solution for that. These have a collection of UV resistant sun hats that are certified UV 80+ protective. A high protection factor that will definitely protect you, in whatever warm country we may be in at that moment. This is designed on the basis of a timeless model, which makes it much nicer to wear.

This hat is carefully hand-stitched and made entirely in France. So you are assured that you are buying something of quality. No child labor or that it comes from some shady workshop from a far away country.


You buy this because you expect more from a good summer hat. That it’s more than style, easy fit and excellent protection.

You want it to be well and responsibly made. Of course, it also gives you pleasure to wear for years to come. 😉


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