UV repellent hat camel crambes



UV repellent sun hat Crambés:

  • Model: traveller
  • Brand: Cramés
  • Material: Ultralight cotton
  • Properties: UV protection factor 80+, light, breathable, fresh
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UV repellent hat camel crambes:

Sometimes it can be quite hot during the summer and we have to protect ourselves well during these times, this UV repellent hat in camel color is our choice.

Now one can also ask: why not just use sun lotion? That’s good enough isn’t it?

In case of protection, yes. But sunscreens are often thick, sticky after applying and you might sweat everything out shortly afterwards. you get my point.

Disclaimer: if you don’t wear anything on your head, it is still better to use sunscreen than nothing at all. better this than to have to walk around with a head like a tomato .

A hat is an ideal solution for some who don’t like to apply sunscreen on themselves.

Also a remark that is asked from time to time.

“I do would like to wear a hat, but sometimes I can’t take it with me. I wouldn’t be able to pack it safely”

This is in many cases so and can indeed be a challenge. But with this hat you just can…. roll it or just fold it up for easy storage! Normally you have a few other hats that can do the same, like a fishing hat, that many tourists wear. But to be honest, those hats aren’t exactly flattering. (on anyone).

Crambes is a family company known for years for these ultra-light, breathable and easy-to-carry hats. This is thanks due to the cotton they use of an extremely high quality. The hats are then rigorously tested to determine the factor of its protection (factor 80!). In addition, the hats are also produced completely in France. Fortunately, not from a shady studio somewhere far away, where they work for a hunger wage.


I think you know by now what makes this hat great.

So this hat is really for you if you like:

  • Protection from the sun.
  • A hat that is nice and light and breathable.
  • A hat that’s easy to carry.

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