UV protective summer hat Crambes

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UV repellent sun hat Crambés:

  • Model: traveller
  • Brand: Cramés
  • Material: Ultralight cotton
  • Properties: UV protection factor 80+, light, breathable, fresh
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UV protective summer hat :

The last summers are getting brighter, so it is important that you protect yourself well and that is easy with this UV protective summer hat. Below we briefly explain the many benefits of wearing a hat during the summer.

  • no more paste:

When the sun is shining and the UV index is high, it is sensible to apply. But many sunscreens often go on thick and stick after you apply. If you sweat on top of that, everything runs nice on your face. Pleasant is different….

So what is another option besides rubbing in well or staying in the shade?

The solution, wearing a good sun protection hat. They ensure that your face, neck and ears are well shaded.

  • easy to take with you:

Often a discussion is that people want to wear a hat, but that they do not always find it easy to take with them somewhere. In many cases this is the case and some hats do indeed have to be handled with care (just think of a Panama hat). This is where this UV protective summer hat from Crambes excels. This hat is made of an ultra-light and breathable cotton, making it easy to roll up or fold.

You can put it in your pocket, bag or inside pocket. If it suddenly gets warm and the sun shines hard, quickly put it back in shape and wear it.

Easy right?

  • Breathable:

Because Crambes uses an extremely high quality cotton fabric, it is exceptionally light and breathable. On top of that, they have also provided ventilation holes on the sides through which the heat in the crown can escape. This prevents it from feeling warm in your hat!

  • sturdy:

Cotton is a strong material that cannot break. So you can rest assured if something stands out that it can still be worn. You put it back in shape and you’re done.

  • Vive la France! :

Crambes is a small family business from France, producing these hats entirely in their country. They carefully stitch these hats by hand, so you can rest assured that you are buying something of quality. You can also rest assured that this hat does not come from some shady workshop from some far away country.

  • Bonus tip:

If you have a waterproof spray at home (for all materials or fabric) you can easily spray it in. Then this one is not only good against the sun, but you also have a good hat against the rain!


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