“Vagabond” crushable hat from Herman H.


  • model: Vagabond
  • material: wool felt
  • brand: Herman
  • properties: water and dirt repellent, pleated hat, very easy fit, pliable


“Vagabond” crushable hoe.

This crushable hat is really a hat for men.


Wearing a hat is fun, you radiate a certain class out and it gives you something extra style. But what is often a pain point with some hats is that you have to handle them with care. Store well and make sure that nothing accidentally falls on it etc…

This crushable hat, on the other hand, can take a beating, literally too.

Do you accidentally drop a bag on your hat that was on the chair without noticing it? No problem, it will get you in shape without any problems.

Water repellent.

The hat is made of wool felt and wool is by nature water repellent. It has to start raining seriously before you feel anything wet.

But despite not being a rain hat, it does a good job of keeping you dry during wet days.


Very easy to combine with many styles. You can wear this hat everyday wear or if you want more more classy .


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