“The wild coyote” ventilating summer hat in camel


“The wild coyote” ventilating summer hat in camel

Model : traveller

Brand: Henschel

Material: canvas, cotton, mesh

Properties: firm, breathable


“The wild coyote” ventilating summer hat in camel:

This may be something you don’t see very often, but this ventilating summer hat in camel turns the hot summer days into a breeze.

There are people who don’t like to wear a hat in the summer and usually the reason is because they think it gets too hot for wearing a hat. This is due to a few reasons that they think that way, but we explain briefly below what a summer hat should be to prevent that. We’ll also tell you what makes the ideal summer hat.

What makes a hat ideal for summer?

An ideal summer hat in my eyes is and should do the following:

– Provide shadow (cooling).

– offer protection against the sun.

– Easy to travel with.

cools you off.

sounds logical but there are people who often wear the wrong hat for the summer. They have a hat that does offer protection in itself, but there is one important component that not everyone pays attention to.

ventilation holes! If you don’t have one, your hat is going to be like hot an oven. You see our head emits heat and if that heat can’t go out it’s going to feel very hot and warm.

So even though a hat might offer UV protection, it is very important that they do have this. Usually if they have them, you can spot two small holes on both sides of the hat.

Now as you see with this hat, the crown consists only of ventilation holes. This not only offers extra cooling, but when it is hot and there is suddenly a breeze… What a blissful feeling.

Sun protection.

The hat is certified upf50+. This ensures that your head not only stays cool, but is also protected. (As a half gingert, I can’t stress enough how important this is.)

Easy to travel with you.

This hat is also very easy to carry.

It’s easy to push the crown in until it’s completely flat. Don’t worry he’ll be back in shape just as easily, pushing the crown back into shape from the inside.


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