The wanderer hat in 100% fur felt from Stetson


“The Wanderer”

  • Model: Fedora
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: 100% fur felt
  • Features: Warm, light, strong, water repellent, tough, easy fit


“The wanderer” hat in 100% fur felt from stetson:

A hat in 100% fur felt from Stetson, the legendary brand known for its quality and iconic models “The wanderer” is a good example of this. This hat has a cool vintage leather strap and the crown is slightly wider than standard hats. This has the advantage that this hat compliments many face shapes and that it is therefore nicer and more comfortable to wear.

What is hair felt?

You may be wondering now. “Hair felt? Isn’t that the same as wo0feltl?”

Hair felt is usually from rabbit, hare, beaver or a combination of these, while wolfelt comes from a sheep.

Why choose fur felt?

If you have the choice, in my opinion it is best to go for a hat in the fur felt. This is for a few reasons:

  • These are light of material.
  • The hairs used for felting contain high levels of oil in the hair, making them better against rain to be.
  • Felt hats generally last longer if you take good care of them. so they have a longer life span .
  • They are always more beautiful shaped and finished.
  • strong and sustainable .

The only reason why you should choose wolfelt is that you choose price instead of quality. Wolfelt is cheaper and generally okay for a hat and there are some pretty good hats out there in this material. But this is like comparing standard wool and merino wool. The other is just better and it’s the same with wolfelt and fur felt.

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