“The wanderer” backpack in ecological leather ruiter tassen.

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“The wanderer” backpack in ecological leather riding bags

Model : “the wanderer”

Brand : Ruiter tassen

Material: 100 ecological full grain beef leather

Properties: practical thanks to the many distribution compartments, sturdy because one uses the full grain of the leather, water and dirt resistant.


width: +-30 cm

height: +-40 cm

depth: +-20cm

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“The wanderer” backpack in ecological leather:

A backpack in ecological leather, what does that exactly mean? We will explain all of this below and tell us what makes this backpack and the leather so special.

Leather just got better.

If you’re like me, you’re probably also have a love for leather goods and you know the many great aspects of these.

Leather is sustainable and lasts a long time (provided you take care of it) and ages with you.

A leather product becomes more beautiful the more you use it, after years of use you see extra fine details appear and it (usually) becomes more intense in color.

Leather is in itself an ecological product, just the way leather is made…. not really.

In the past, leather was tanned with certain chemicals and metals, giving the leather its firmness and patina.

But with this backpack it is different, because innovation does not stand still and now that we are more concerned with the environment, alternatives have also been devised for this.

The backpack is tanned in a new and innovative way and instead of chemicals one uses vegetal oils.

This has a much lesser (or no) impact on the environment.

You still have that firmness, you still have that beautiful patina , you still have the leather we know and love so much.

It just takes longer to make than the old way. (but this is true)

I’m going on a trip and I’m taking…

The backpack is based on a classic model, in a cool vintage (leather) jacket.

In the large compartment of this backpack, you can be sure that you can put a lot into it.

This backpack is really for you if you like to travel light and in style just like me. No with big clumsy plastic traps and waiting somewhere at an airport until your valies are finally loaded off the plane.

Just grab your backpack and go!


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Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm