“the traveler” Panama hat in bi-color


  • Model: “the traveler” in bi-color
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: Toquila straw
  • Features: UV protection, stylish, unique color combination, comfortable
  • Fit: The hat may feel a little looser than normal use, so insert the supplied corks into the inside of the sweatband so that you get a slightly tighter fit.

Table below indicates how tight or loose a hat can feel (left very tight, right very loose, green is normal fit)


“the traveller” Panama hat in bi-colour.

As you can see, this Panama hat in bi-color is a bit different from its classic variant.

The crown is a dark brown color and the brim in a lighter color. The crown of the hat is neatly finished with a leather strap, which gives the hat a more masculine and tough look.

Due to the special color combination, the hat is not too dressy and can be worn every day.

Sometimes an annoyance to many is that the traditional white Panama hats can appear too chic. (in my opinion, it’s still the best)

So if the latter also bothers you, you’ll be fine with this one.

The hat itself wears excellent (very comfortable) and it has a wide brim. Also a plus is that this hat does not get too hot during the summer.

In short, everything you want in a good summer hat.



If you want to put on a Panama hat, it’s best to grab the hat by the brim to put it on. this guarantees that you will never accidentally crush the hat at the front.

This is because Panama hats are made from a plant fiber (toquila straw) that has been dried. But if you set it up the way I explained it before, you’ll never have to worry about that.




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