“The traveler” Panama hat with leather headband


“The traveler” Panama hat with leather headband

  • Model: The traveller
  • Brand: City sport
  • Material: Toquila straw (palm fiber type)
  • Features: hand-woven, light, breathable, stylish
  • Fit: the graph indicates how loose or tight a hat or cap feels (left very tight, green normal fit and right very loose)


“The traveler” Panama hat with leather headband

It doesn’t always have to be too chic, as this Panama hat with leather headband proves.

Now don’t get me wrong I also really like a Panama hat that is elegant, but sometimes there is not always an opportunity for it.

The nice thing about this hat is that it doesn’t look too serious and you can wear it any day. (unless it rains of course).

If you are known Panama hats then you also know why they are so loved by many.

They are comfortable, look great and offer excellent sun protection.

I myself am a happy customer with this type of hat, as an (ex) redhead I still burn easily during the summer. Unless I’m rubbing myself in or wearing a hat.

Personally, I prefer the latter, there’s nothing more annoying than half-melting sunscreen all over your face while you’re sweating.

Now I only apply once (my face) and then wear a hat for the rest of the day. Believe me when I say I never really got burned after that.

( Disclaimer :It is still recommended to apply sunscreen and protect yourself because the sun is more dangerous than you think.)


Outside of protection are these hats nice too light . You will not experience the same as a cheap tourist hat that feels very warm when the sun shines on it.

Because (good) Panama hats still have small air currents (tiny), these hats are breathable .

This is crucial in a good summer hat so that it does not get too warm when wearing it.

The fit of this hat may feel slightly larger than normal.


In short, an ideal hat if you:

  • A hat against the sun want.,
  • That you want a hat not too hot is becoming.
  • A hat wants that pleasant to wear.


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