“The Traveller” Hat in lamb leather from Stetson


  • Model: Traveler
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: Lamb leather, inside canvas
  • Properties: Robust, strong, tough, can withstand the rain well when injected, can be worn all year round.
  • Fit: Graph below indicates how tight or loose it is (left very tight, in the middle normal fit and right very loose)


“The Traveller” Hat in lamb leather from Stetson

In general I don’t like leather hats too much, but I make an exception for this hat in lamb leather from Stetson.

With its rugged look you immediately see that it is a hat for men.

When you put it on you feel how firm this one is made, so if you like a hat that can (literally) take a beating . Then look no further, this is it!

Thanks to ventilation holes on the side of the crown (top of the hat) it provides the extra cooling during the hot days of the year.

You can basically wear this hat all year round.

If you spray it again against the rain, it’s also an excellent one rain hat . (except where the holes are of course)

The color has a warm and rustic hue that compliment many faces.

Almost forgot to tell you about the fit. How do you know when a hat feels tight or loose? Then look at the shape of the crown.

The crown is generally the deciding factor of how comfortable a hat is to wear.

Does the crown move slightly to a point? then it will probably feel a little tighter.

Is it rather flat and wide? (as with this model) this will ensure that the hat can go smoothly over your head. This will make it feel comfortable 9 out of 10.

Believe me when I say that this hat is comfortable, but really very comfortable!

Please note that for some who are not used to this shape, this hat may feel a bit bigger.


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