“The traveler” colored Panama hat with rust colored band


  • Model: “the traveler”
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: Toquila straw
  • Features: UV protection, stylish, Rustic look, comfortable
  • Fit: may feel a little looser than normal use, but insert the supplied corks into the inside of the sweatband so that you get a slightly tighter fit.

Table indicates how tight or loose a hat can feel (left very tight, right very loose, green is normal fit)

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“The traveler” colored Panama hat with rust colored band

There’s almost nothing like a classic Panama, almost because this colored Panama hat with a rust colored band combines the traditional with the modern.

A traditional Panama is usually in white or in a natural color, finished with a black headband. Pretty classic in itself and certainly not wrong, but it’s also nice if you have other options.

The Color of this Panama hat gives a warm look and the rust colored headband gives the hat something old and familiar.

As most people have come to expect from Stetson, the workmanship is excellent and the hat is very comfortable to wear.

The hat has an excellent sweatband inside and is reinforced on the inside, so that it is slightly less fragile.

The latter is the case with most Panamas, because a (real) Panama is made of (toquila) straw.

Like all other plant fibers that have been dried, they tend to be more fragile.

The better hat brands reinforce the vulnerable point on the inside so that you can enjoy your hat carefree. At Stetson, they take it a step further and reinforce it twice.

Tip for putting on a Panama hat!

If you want to put on a Panama hat, grab the hat at the brim, this ensures that you never accidentally crush the hat at the front.





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