“The travlleer” Panama hat with blue headband


  • Model: traveller
  • Brand: Mayser
  • Material: 100% natural (unpressed) toquilla straw
  • Properties: Rain repellent, high UV protection, robust
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“The Traverse” Panama hat with blue headband.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but there is something very special about this Panama hat with blue headband.

Is it the excellent quality of the weave? not necessarily.

It’s the shape of the crown! you might think…. No, not either.

Come on, I’ll say it all at once because you’ll probably never guess.

This Panama hat…is… rain repellent !

Yes really and that is exceptional for a Panama hat. If you are not familiar with this type of hat, I will briefly list what a Panama hat is.

A Panama hat is:

  • Handwoven (standard it takes about +-4 weeks to make a hat)
  • Despite the name Panama, the hat comes from Ecuador (so regionally protected).
  • Made with the young shoots of the toquilla palm (not to be confused with tequilla which is to drink :p)

If it does not meet these conditions, it is not a Panama hat.

Now a hat made of any plant fiber is usually sensitive to the rain. Because when it rains what do most plants want to do? Absorb the water.

Hence, if you stay in the rain for too long, there may be a chance that the hat will lose its shape or worse… start to tear.

The latter sounds very dramatic, but that is only if you keep walking in the rain for too long.

How can this hat be an exception? You may wonder.

Most Panama hats are pressed, which makes the hat more beautiful and smoother in shape. Now you may (or may not) see that because of this it has a much coarser fiber compared to other Panamas.

This is because it is not pressed and is therefore more resistant to rain.

Please note this does not mean that it is a rain hat! But that if it suddenly rains unexpectedly, you should not have to look for shelter in all haste.

Now I’m not going to bore you with my explanation and sometimes below some plus points of the hat:

  • excellent workmanship
  • Easy to wear thanks to the wide and flat crown
  • one of the best hats against the sun

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