“The Sawyer” summer straw hat Herman

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  • Model: The Sawyer
  • Brand: Herman
  • Material: sea grass
  • Features: light, breathable, casual
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“The Sawyer” Summer Straw Hat Herman:

The Sawyer is a beautiful summer straw hat that adds a fun and casual touch to your style.

But there are other things that make this hat so fun to wear during the summer.

Iconic shape in a casual jacket.

A hat doesn’t always have to be too chic or serious, that’s what “The Sawyer” proves. This type of hat is known by many, a crease with two small dents on the crown and a wide brim that goes down slightly.

Also special about this hat is that it is not just made of ordinary straw. The material itself is seagrass, which gives the hat a rough and vintage look.

The fit.

The fit is a bit odd in the sense that it seems to come high and not sink deep enough.

But from experience I have noticed that if you push it on the crown from top to bottom (while wearing it) the crown expands and adjusts to your head.

This does not mean that you can randomly grab a size or that it is a one-sizer. However, it is still important that you choose the right size, because if it is too small, it will not expand enough. If you choose the right size, this all goes without saying and it is comfortable to wear.

(Just want to mention that I try each hat myself for a while, what I’m just describing is my own experience).

Nicely light.

You may have noticed that this hat isn’t closed all the way. Very small (valve) holes are scattered all over the hat, these ensure that the hat does not feel warm while wearing.

Another nice fact is that when there is a breeze, a cooling caress goes over your head. As a result, blowing away is usually not a problem because the wind passes through it like that.

You do have to be careful when wearing the hat that you still rub against the sun. Because these holes also ensure that a little bit of sun comes through.

So rubbing yourself in is the message if you burn easily (I speak from experience as a red-haired person, haha).


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