“the roadie” Porkpie in violet


  • Model: Porkpie
  • Brand: Alfonso D.
  • Material: Cotton
  • Features: Nice appearance, comfortable
  • Fit: Hat may feel slightly larger than indicated, chart below shows from left (very tight) to right (very loose).


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“the roadie” Pork pie in violet.

Now that I know what you’re thinking, this purple porkpie is a bit too daring for me and if you think so, then you probably are.

But for those who don’t shy away from more unique pieces and also want to wear something more original than the usual. Then this hat will certainly appeal to you, because its apartheid makes it a nice hat.

Now porkpie sounds funny in itself doesn’t it? I probably would have given it a different name, but it’s been called that for decades.

I read somewhere that the name comes from its round shape. When this type of hat became popular, the round shape was reminiscent of a cake. (Probably were very hungry then…)

Now beyond the odd name, the hat itself is fun and playful. The color and the patterns give the hat extra character.

Now the shape of this hat is slightly more modern and ergonomic than the old model. If you look at the inside, it is now more oval than round.

This is an improvement because now the hat doesn’t seem too big when you compare it with the old model.


So if it suddenly happens that it starts to rain, you should not immediately take shelter in haste.

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