“The Roadie” Porkpie Alfosno D’sete


  • Model: “the roadie” pork pie
  • Brand: Alfonso d’este
  • Material: wool, inner lining of cotton.
  • Features: trendy and fashionable
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“The Roadie” Porkpie Alfonso D’este:

Alfonso D’este’s pork pie is a great example of how hats shouldn’t be corny.

The material.

Made with a nice speckled wool , this gives the hat a fun and casual look .

The inner lining is made of cotton , that a nice one patronage has.

The color.

There’s a lot going on when it comes to the color of this hat, to keep it simple I say it’s gray in general. But if you look closer, you also see other colors. There is a bit of green, (mustard) yellow and blue speckles in it. But subtle enough so that it remains beautiful and harmonious.


What I like most about this porkpie is that it is atypical for its model. Multiple colors and a headband make this pork pie different from others and in a good way.



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