“The Roadie” Black Porkpie Stetson


  • Model: The roadie
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: Wool, Teflon
  • Features: Casual and cool look. Paired with a water-resistant fabric.
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“The Roadie” Black Porkpie Stetson:

This black porkpie from the iconic Stetson brand is a timeless model that has been loved by many for years. It owes the name pork pie to its shape, perhaps in the past people thought it looked like a pie.

Despite the weird name, the hat is more popular than ever, especially in the rockabilly scene.

The material.

The whole is made of wool with Teflon incorporated. Teflon is not only suitable in the kitchen to make your pans non-stick. The material used in textiles ensures that your clothing or hat becomes water-repellent.

The color.

Classic black nothing to complain about, easy to combine and versatile.

For whom?

For those who don’t want to look too serious and want something casual, this hat is an excellent choice.

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