“The Pitcher” Winter Cap with Ear Flaps Derby Sport


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”The Pitcher” Winter cap with earflaps.

This winter cap with ear flaps is your ideal main accessory for anyone who is often on foot or by bike. You probably know the wind and your ears are sometimes not the best of friends.


Especially not in the winter when the wind can also be icy cold. This cap specially designed for winter offers comfort and warmth during this bleak and cold time of the year.


The ear flaps.

Now you may be thinking: Ear flaps on a cap? That’s nothing new.

Indeed, nothing new. But still different, I clarify myself.


Most caps with earflaps are good, but Derby goes further. It’s in the small details as they say. The flaps have a small fabric at the back that stretches.


This not only gives a good fit when you take the flaps off, but also ensures that it is comfortable for everyone.


another advantage is that the cap fits better on your head and has less chance of blowing away.


The material.

The cap is made of high-quality wool but contains Teflon. Teflon, isn’t that just for pans? You may wonder.


Besides preventing our eggs from sticking to our pan, Teflon in the textile ensures that you stay dry. The cap is also as good as rain repellent!


The cap itself will get wet on the outside, but your head will stay nice and dry.


The model.

The cap is based on a classic baseball cap but one that nicely follows the contours of your head. Most people who know me will know that I’m not a big fan of this kind of cap or that I prefer a more classic model like a newspaperboy cap;


But this cap is an exception. Some models of this kind of caps make your head higher(longer) and appear quite angular.

But because it is not one size and is really made on the centimeter, this cap follows the contours of your head very nicely.


So if you’re looking for a fun and practical cap for the winter, I can definitely recommend this one. Not only is it beautiful in shape and shape, but it is also extremely comfortable and warm.


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