“The mechanic” Newspaperboy cap in denim Alfonso



“The mechanic” Newspaperboy cap in denim Alfonso

This newspaperboy cap in denim is a good example of what the brand stands for. “Think outsider of the box”

Now you may have seen a cap in denim before, but personally I have never seen it in this version.

The cap retains the rugged look similar to the selvedge jeans have with their iconic yellow stitching. couple this together with the classic shape of a newspaperboy cap, making this cap one of my favorite of the collection this year.

What you can’t see is that Alfonso has hidden a secret “feature” in it. Do you like a straight peak? or are you rather someone who likes the valve to be curved? Or are you a weirdo who wants the flap to be wavy? everything is possible! The valve can be shaped in any way. This is thanks to the hidden iron wire, so you can give the valve the desired shape.

It may seem a bit banal, but I think it’s ingenious. Because thanks to this thread you give the cap a completely different look.


This cap is for you if:

  • You like denim.
  • You like the iconic shape.
  • That you like to adjust the valve.
  • If you want a cap that is not for boys, but really a cap for guys.
  • A cap that can be worn all year round.


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