“The mechanic” Lead newspaperboycap City sport


  • Brand: City sport
  • Model: newspaperboycap
  • Material: Loden, inner lining cotton.
  • Features: water repellent, warm, soft, handmade.

Tight fit: Best to take 1 size larger than normal, unless you already have multiple caps of this brand.

(to the left of the green box indicates how tight the fit is, to the right of the green box says how loose it is)


“The mechanic” Lead newspaperboycap City sport:

You don’t see a loden newspaperboycap very often, because most people aren’t familiar with this fabric anymore.

Excuse me… almost everyone, because in the past it was more known and was also used a lot more in clothing compared to today.

If you are like me and you did hear from this fabric before, let me briefly tell you what is so special about it.


Loden refers to the wool of a special bread of scheep. This breed comes from Austria and has been praised for its rain repellent properties.

This is due to the high oil content that their coat contains, but don’t worry because the wool doesn’t feel greasy.

Another advantage over ordinary standard wool, is that it does not feel prickly. On the contrary, when touched, it has something almost velvety, which is very pleasant when wearing it.

The model.

I don’t think this one needs any more introduction.

This is the well-known newspaperboycap.

When I think of a classic and authentic cap, it’s this one. With its large contours and shape, it’s really a statement that you’re not just like the norm.

Most people don’t dare to wear it immediately because for some this cap is very present. Personally I find this model to have the most character even though that I understand that some prefer another model that is on the smaller side.


Back in black.

Almost forgot to tell about the color.

i can’t say much you might think, it is just black. That is true, but what you may not be able to see very well in the picture. That how rich, deep and intense this black of this cap is. Not like some blacks that looks a bit blue or a black that has something grayish/green.

No really pitch black it is.


tight fit.

(to the left of the green box indicates how tight the fit is, to the right of the green box says how loose it is)

I would like to mention here that it is very important that you take 1 size larger than you are used to. City Sport their sizes fall on the slightly smaller side of things and for comfort you better take a bigger size. see here on the indicator how tight this model feels. Unless you’ve already purchased multiple caps from this brand, I’d get the ones you’re always used to from them.


If you like a classic model made in a natural and water-repellent fabric. Who also keeps you warm above you, I can definitely recommend this one.


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