“The little Sawyer” summer hat in seagrass Herman


  • Model: the little Sawyer
  • Brand: Herman
  • Material: sea grass
  • Feature: nice vintage look summer hat, breathable, fresh
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“The little Sawyer” seagrass summer hat:

It happens quickly when we want to wear a hat that sometimes seems serious to us, but with this seagrass summer hat you certainly don’t have to worry about that. With its casual and playful style, you seem more causal.

Different than usual.

If, like me, you like to wear separate and more unique pieces, this hat is for you.

Made from sea grass, which in itself is a pretty special material to use for a hat.

This gives a unique style to the hat that you don’t see very often. This also gives another surprising feature, which makes the hat extremely light and super breathable.

When there is a breeze one day, your head is gently caressed by a cooling touch of the wind.


Attention point.

Because the hat is not completely closed, it does not provide the best protection against UV.

So if you are someone who burns very easily, I would not recommend this hat. But this other trilby if you want to be in the same price category.

is your budget slightly higher?

Then I can’t go hard enough this nice hat that is stylish and at the same time can protect well recommend.

The fit.

This classic model, also known as the trilby, has a wide and flat crown. This makes these feel the best when wearing in my opinion.

The brim is not too large, making it less present than hats with a very wide brim.



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