“the gunslinger” cross-bag in vintage leather equestrian bags


  • Model: “The gun sling”
  • Brand: ruitertassen
  • Material: ecological (100 whole grain) beef leather
  • Features: tough and vintage look with handy compartments.

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“the gunslinger” cross-bag in vintage leather:

This cross-bag in vintage leather is a sturdy bag that is very practical, thanks to its many convenient and hidden components.

All safely salvaged away.

You may know it, you’re leaving the house and you need anything to take with you. Only a backpack would be just too much of a good thing and to put everything in your pockets of your pants… is not really a nice option.

This cross-bag combines the practicality with the safe. This bag fits nicely, around your torso without taking up too much space and keeping everything safely close to you.

In my opinion I think the best way that you can wear it is over your sweater and then tucked under your jacket or just over your jacket. (see photo)


The best of leather.

This leather gives a rugged look to this bag, but the best thing is that it is also made environmentally friendly.

Normally, the tanning of leather is done with certain chemicals and metals. This is obviously as you think, not so great for the environment…. ruiter tassen, on the other hand all their leather are treated with vegetal oils (in Belgium).

Also an advantage of tanning in this way, is that this gives the leather a beautiful and rugged look.


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