“The golfer” Classic linen cap Derby sport


  • Model: The golfer
  • Brand: Derby Sport
  • Material: Linen, cotton
  • Features: Light, breathable, fresh
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“The golfer” Classic linen cap Derby sport:

This classic linen cap is made by the brand Derby sport. The name may not tell you much, but it is a Belgian workshop with a rich history.

Despite the fact that they don’t have the name recognition like the big brands like Stetson, Borsalino, mayser etc… they make very beautiful headwearthat can compete .

And this all made in Belgium!

A brief explanation.

With each description I report that I carefully try out every hat and cap that is offered in the store (and websop).

This allows me to tell you better how it wears, what the pros are and for who I think this hat or cap would be most suited.


The fit.

This cap is based on the classic “flat cap” model, the only diffirence it has that it has slightly more volume making it more flattering to wear. With a flat top and the back of the cap that doesn’t fall too deep, it feels a little smaller than the indicated size .

Suppose you usually wear a 57, I’d reccomend to go for a 58. Better to go just a little bigger than a bit too small I always say. This because we wouldn’t want to get a stripe on our head or get a headache from wearing the cap.

Oh so light.

Linen is by far my most favorite fabric and I’m probably not the only one. It is the best fabric to wear during the summer. Breathable, feels pleasant on the touch and is quite strong. In short, anything you want to wear during the warmer days of the year.


Your choice.

There are two color variants with this model.

One has a soft cream color paired with a nice stripes motif which radiates this cap with class. The stripes have a soft red and blue color, giving it a British look.

This one is definitely recommended if you want to wear this cap a little more dressed.

Are you looking for something more that you can wear everyday?

In this case i would recommend the other, which is kept nice and simple. Which in turn gives a nice casual look.


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