“The great gatsby” linen and silk newspaperboy cap Stetson

“The great gatsby” linen and silk newspaperboy cap

  • Model: newspaperboy cap
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: Linen and silk
  • Features: Breathable, vintage look, normal fit.

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“The great gatsby” linen and silk newspaperboy cap:

What I personally like about this linen and silk newspaperboy capis the fact that the fabric looks like jeans. This gives the cap a tough look that you can easily wear throughout the year even during the warmer days of the year.

From experience I also know that it is very useful for party occasions where you need to be dressed for a certain dress code (retro). Many of these models can be found in wool, but to wear something like this inside…. not pleasant at all. Linen, on the other hand, is breathable and prevents you from sweating.

The model of the cap is the well-known newspaperboy cap and is now making a serious come back. In the past, the ivy caps (the flat caps that were slightly sportier) were the most popular. Now, thanks to films and one very well-known series, it has been making a grand come back. Which I can personally applaud because personally I found this model of cap to have the most character and style.

Stetson knows how to make them the best.

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