“The Explorer” Panama with a leather hat brim Ecua A.

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  • Model: The explorer
  • Brand: Ecuador A.
  • Material: Toquila straw
  • Features: Hand-woven, finished with leather, breathable and tough appearance.
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“The Explorer” Panama with a leather hat brim.

As the title says, this Panama is finished with a leather hat brim, which gives the hat more character.

A surprisingly good combination.

This Panama hat combines the elegance you are used to from a classic Panama, with the rugged look of the leather, giving it a tougher and masculine appearance.

This is one of the many advantages of this hat, because a Panama hat can quickly come across as fancy, even if we would like to be able to wear it more casually.

With this hat it’s easy to wear everyday without appearing like someone with too much allure.

The Best Summer Hat.

The reason Panama hats are loved around the world (beyond the craftsmanship and the story behind this iconic hat) is how light they are on the head and also provide excellent sun protection.

Many people think that any hat is suitable to wear during the summer and protects just as well as any other hat, but there are a few points to keep in mind. The biggest concern is whether this hat is not completely closed around the crown (head), otherwise it can feel quite warm when worn during warmer days.

The Panama still allows small air currents to pass through, making it breathable.



It is not always easy to find a suitable hat for the summer. You want a hat that fits your style without looking like a ridiculous tourist hat or feeling stiff.

This hat ticks a lot of boxes and is for you if you want a good summer hat that is casual and protects you well.


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