“The driver” vintage leather cap from City sport


  • Model: “The driver” ivy cap.
  • Brand: City sports.
  • Material: nubuck, inner lining: cotton.
  • Features: sturdy, class, comfortable.
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“The driver” vintage leather cap:

A personal favorite of mine because this vintage leather cap perfectly combines class and comfort.

The material.

The cap is made of strong (nubuck) leather as you can see. This gives the cap a cool look that is balanced by the elegant cognac color.

Leather is one of my favorite materials, because the leather sympathizes with you. The more you use a product with leather, the more small distortions it gets and therefore becomes unique.

The color changes after a few years of wearing, your cap reflects your story.


The fit is also another great asset of this cap, it is not too narrow or too big.

It follows the contours of your head nicely and is not too wide.

This makes it easy to combine whether you wear it sporty or dressed, everything is possible.

Usually when people in the store try on this cap they suddenly look at me with wide eyes and say: “Wow, that’s good.” From experience I know what they mean by this, I’ve been wearing this cap for years for one of those reasons.

For whom ?

This cap is really for you like:

– You like to wear or see leather.

– That you like to buy a quality product(s).

– Consider comfort important.

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