“The driver” linen flat cap by Stetson

  • Model: The driver
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: Linen, Cotton
  • Features: Breathable, fresh, pleasant fit, UV protection

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” The driver” linen flatcap by Stetson:

A very beautiful linen flatcap from Stetson that combines comfort with style. The linen is not in a typical summer shade or color so you can carry it (in my opinion) all year round without it looking weird. (When it gets cold, wool is of course more pleasant).

Linen nice and airy.

Linen is like if you know breathable and light, so you won’t sweat because the cap is too hot.. This makes the cap very pleasant to wear, especially during the hotter days of the year or even inside.

“The driver”

It is a classic model that has more volume in shape, than other standard flat caps. The cap has a lot of character and adorns many face types

Something really for you.

This cap is really something for you if:

  • You want a nice cap that you can wear (almost) all year.
  • Want a cap that’s pleasant.
  • That you like to wear something light and breathable.

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