“The Driver” Flatcap with ear flaps Derby sport


  • Model: The driver
  • Brand: Derby S.
  • Material: Wool, Teflon
  • Properties: warm, water and dirt repellent


“The driver” Flatcap with ear flaps:

A flat cap with ear flaps, our ears will thank us during cold days.

This cap combines the classic model “the flatcap” together with the practical.

The shape.

A real classic, still quite traditional in shape but with a slightly modern stitching ring. These hats used to be even flater and they didn’t fall deep at the back of your head.

This one is also generally flat, but with more shape so that it wears better on your head.


As a nice touch, there are hidden ear flaps on the inside of the cap that you can take out when you need them.

The material.

Made in high quality wool with Teflon incorporated. Teflon is not so well known by many, but this material is often used in textiles so that they are more water-repellent.


Wool itself is water and rain repellent, but by adding this you can be sure that this cap will keep you dry.



If you’re looking for a nice and traditional cap that’s practical on top, I’d definitely recommend this one.

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