“The driver” flat cap Stetson


  • Model: The driver
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: virgin wool, cashmere, silk
  • Features: Elegant, with a unique color, easy to dress up or wear everyday.
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“The driver” flat cap Stetson:

With this beautiful flat cap from Stetson, no expense has been spared in making this cap.


The material.

Think of the most luxurious and most beautiful fabric you can think of. cashmere ? virgin wool ? silk ?

Was it one of these three made? Well with this cap they just used all these materials!

This gives the cap a flawless look, paired with a deep and intense blue color.


The color.

It is not always easy to see what the exact color is from a photo on the internet. So I will do my best to describe these in detail.

The color is a rich deep and intense blue but not so hard that it looks like black. When light shines on it you see a beautiful shine where the blue comes through nicely.

I would personally call it petroleum blue.


The fit.

The shape is based on the classic flat cap. Fortunately, they are now making these shapes a little more modern, giving them a little more volume and not falling on your head like a pancake.

The cap has a lot of character and is easy to combine with many styles. Do you want to be completely dressed up with a blazer or suit? that is certainly possible with this cap.

Would you rather go for something more mundane? a cool wool sweater, jeans and boots. Also very beautiful.


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