“The Don” fedora in furfelt Tesi


  • Model: fedora
  • Brand: tesi
  • Material: hair felt, silk, leather
  • Features: Elegant, stylish, rain and dirt repellent
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“The Don” fedora in furfelt Tesi

A hat as they used to make it, this fedora in furfelt of the brand Tesi still shows how it is done.

The material.

Furfelt may not say much to you or you might be thinking: of course I know it. If you are the latter skip this text, if you are the first I will explain briefly what a hat in furfelt is.

Furfelt simply means that it is made of fur, usually rabbit is used here for this. In the past, hats were made exclusively with furfelt, but in this day and age it is no longer the norm to wear a hat therefore people know less about the material. Most hats are made from wool for the price. You see wool is cheaper than fur which makes it easier to sell it for a better price.

But there is a reason why hat lovers have a preference for furfelt.

The reasons are:

  • Furfelt is less less likely to shrink than wool.
  • Furfelt is finer in structure and preserves better its shape.
  • Wool can fluff up like clothing made out of it and fur felt doesn’t.
  • hats infurfelt have the benefit where you can adjsut the brim accordingly to your liking.
  • Hats in furfelt last much longer than a hat made out of wool.

So if you’re planning on buying just one hat, my advice would be definitely to go for a hat in furfelt.

It’s in the details.

What I really like about this model of hat, is the fact that it is still finished with a silk lining and a leather sweatband. The latter gives the advantage that the leather gives more friction, which makes it less likely that your hat will blow away with the wind. The inner lining is nice to see for the one who wears it ;).

The colors.

This model comes in 2 colors:

  • cognac / brown
  • light taupe


If you want a hat that wears beautiful, elegant and lasts long I wouldn’t hesitate and go for this, the colors are beautiful especially when you see them in person.


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