“the businesman” laptop bag in eco leather Rider bags


  • Model: The business man
  • Brand: ruitertassen
  • Material: 100% (eco full grain) cowhide leather
  • Characteristics:
  • Dimensions: Width 40cm, height +- 28cm (excluding handles), depth +-9cm

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“the businessman” laptop bag in eco leather:

You may now be thinking: a laptop in eco leather, what do they mean by this?

Today, more than 90% of all leather goods are tanned in the modern way.

This is the most popular way of processing animal skins because the process is much faster and cheaper.

They use harsh chemicals that you might think are not so environmentally friendly. The price of this type of leather is therefore much cheaper, but we still pay the price for it in another way (and quality, I’ll come back to this later).


The bag is very easy and convenient.

There are three compartments that can hold enough space for notebooks, books, documents, etc. There is also enough space for a 15-inch laptop.

The carrying straps feel comfortable in the hand and the included shoulder strap is super sturdy. The bag is robust thanks to the fact that they use full grain leather.

Old school = ecological.

We have heard it before from our grandfather or grandmother “in my time it was made much better, then we did it like this, etc….” We sometimes roll our eyes and say “yes yes of course”. It’s hard to admit, but they were actually right (in this case anyway). A hundred years ago (probably longer ago) when animal skins were used for clothing, bags and the like. Of course, people didn’t tan the way we do now, because they didn’t have the same technologies or chemicals at their disposal.

Yet they had a way of treating the skins that not only made them firmer and more beautiful, but also preserved the skin. They used what Mother Nature had to offer, so only plant-based things were used. This way is called vegtable tanning (vegetable tanning).

This way of tanning gives me several advantages:

– The leather gets a nicer finish.

– Gives more firmness to the leather

– The leather becomes more beautiful with use and lasts longer.

The only drawback is that this way of tanning takes much longer (3 to 6 weeks) than with chemicals (3 to 4 days).

So that’s why today value prioritizes quantity over quality. A lot of leather today with the chemical application is produced.

Fortunately, Ruitertassen does others and believe in sustainability. They tan the leather the good old days, which our grandmothers and grandfathers still talk about.

Perhaps also a nice fact is that they tan in Belgium!

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