“The bushman” ventilating summer hat

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Model : traveller

Brand: Henschel

Material: canvas, cotton, mesh

Properties: firm, breathable

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“The bushman” ventilating summer hat:

You may never have seen a ventilating summer hat, but you can imagine how pleasant this hat is during hot days of the year.

Feel the breeze.

Because of the ventilation holes in this hat, they make sure that when there is a breath of wind, you can still enjoy a cooling caress on your head.

Often most mistake when they choose a hat for summer.

When a hat is made of a fabric and not of straw it is very, very important that they have ventilation holes. Usually most ( decent) summer have the decent hats 2 on each side of the hat.

Why is this so important you might wonder? It’s actually very simple.

Our head releases body heat and when this heat cannot escape it will create the same effect as an oven. The heat stays inside and it’s getting warmer under the hat, hence it’s really not advisable to wear a completely closed off hat during the summer.

I’m going on a trip and I’ll take with me.

This hat is beside an excellent hat to protect and cool you down. But he’s also very easy to carry.

It’s easy to push the crown in until it’s completely flat. Don’t worry he’ll be back in shape just as easily, pushing the crown back into shape from the inside.

If you want to pack it up with something, just push the crown down until it’s flat. Don’t worry this won’t hurt the hat, you just push it back into shape when you want to wear it.

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