“The bartender” summer hat in hemp Stetson

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Model: “The Bartender” trilby.

Brand: Stetson.

Material: Hemp.

Features: Playful, summery, breathable.

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“The bartender” summer hat in hemp Stetson:

After a cold and bleak winter it can be a bit more cheerful and playful, with “The bartender” a summer hat in hemp you can bring the sun back into your home.

The shape.

The shape of the crown is really typical of an American hat.

These hats are generally wider and flatter at the top, as opposed to Italian hats which are softer in their contours.

Maybe that’s why you prefer the Italian models.

Still, I’d rather recommend the American one in some cases, because it might be a better fit for you. Due to their wider crown, they fall better over the head and do not feel too close.

Also thanks to the harder flattening of the crown, the hat has a more robust look.



Because the crown is wide, the size is slightly larger and the hat will feel larger in general.

This is easily remedied by inserting the supplied cork straps into the headband inside, so you can reduce the hat to one full size.


All natural, of course.

Hemp is a natural plant fiber that not only gives the hat a casual look, but also mainly ensures that the hat is breathable.

This prevents it from getting too hot when you wear the hat, a plus for warmer days of the year.


For whom ?

This type of model suits people with a round or oval head shape very well.



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