“Sportive Mechanic” narrow newspaperboy cap in gray Loden City sport


  • Model: Sportive mechanic.
  • Brand: City Sport
  • Material: Lead.
  • Features: Rain repellent, warm, soft, sportier than the traditional newspaperboy cap


“Sportive Mechanic” narrow newspaperboy cap in gray Loden City sport:

Now if you read narrow newspaperboycap in gray loden you probably ask a few questions.

  • What is Loden?
  • Is that itself a narrow newspaperboy cap?

Below I am going to answer them quickly for those who ask these questions.


Loden is, to put it very simply, a special kind of wool from a breed of sheep from Austria.

You may have come into contact with it at some point without realizing it.

They were extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, thanks in part to the “stokees coats”.

(Those were jackets that used sticks instead of buttons.)

Now the reason they were so popular was because of the fabric they used for the jackets (also of course because of the look).

The reason they used Loden was the following:

  • They have the same properties as merino wool. (warm, soft, does not fluff like standard wool and is not sensitive to shrinkage).
  • But above that they are completely water repellent.

So if you buy a cap in this fabric, you have the advantages that this cap is pleasant to the touch and at the same time can also serve as a cap against the rain. Also not wrong is the beautiful appearance that this fabric has, which makes it unbelievably beautiful in person.

Compact shape.

Now what many find with a traditional newspaperboycap is the fact that they are so wide. It’s a shame because I think that’s something that has something to do with it, but I understand that it’s not for everyone.

For those who also like the authentic model, but don’t look good with wide caps. Is this model a good solution, you still have that iconic look but narrower.


The cap is a joy to wear, now if you haven’t owned a cap from City sport before, I recommend getting a size bigger. (These are always 1/2 to a size smaller than indicated.)

So suppose you have 57 then I would take a 58.

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