rain cap city sport and Harbor of men


rain cap:

  • Model: flat cap
  • Brand : Harbor of men and City sport
  • Material: Cotton (waxed) by Millerain
  • Features: rain repellent, light, easy fit
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rain cap designed by Harbor of men made by city sport:

This rain cap is one of our own creations. We often received requests for a good rain cap, so we combined two of the best manufacturers in their industry to create the ultimate rain cap.

Millerain (Great Britain) for the cotton (waxed cotton) that is known worldwide for the best rain fabrics in the world.

City sport (Belgium) for making the cap itself. Which in turn is known for its high-quality caps that are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Why we and many others love this cap is because of its beautiful blue color. Most colors of this type of cotton are only available in two or three colors. Black, dark brown or green.. This can usually also be caused by the wax that has been processed in the cotton.

But not with this cap. This can be dressed up very nicely or worn casually.

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