“The gentlemen” Panama hat with brown headband


  • Model: traveller
  • Brand: Mayser
  • Material: 100% natural (unpressed) toquilla straw
  • Properties: Rain repellent, high UV protection, robust


“The gentlemen” Panama hat with brown headband.


This Panama hat with brown headband is a new addition to the collection and I regret not discovering it sooner.

There are many positives about this hat, I’m not going to bore you with the details.

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation, click here . Here I explain in detail what makes these hats so special with the bigger brother of this model.

So in short the pros:

  • This Panama hat is water-resistant.
  • The panama has an exceptionally good finish for its price class.
  • The hat has what I personally think is the ideal width of the brim, not too wide but not too small either.
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to the shape of the crown.

Now because of the rain-repellent aspect they feel slightly heavier than a standard Panama. But that is a small price so that it can withstand the rain.



by rain repellent I do not mean that it is a rain hat, water repellent means that it would not absorb the water directly like other panam hats.


This will keep it from losing its shape and won’t have the chance to tear because of the water.


So if it suddenly happens that it starts to rain, you should not immediately take shelter in haste.

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