Panama hat superfino from Borsalino


Model: Panama hat superfino

Brand: Borsalino

Material: Toquila palm

Features: light, breathable, stylish, suitable accessory for the summer


Panama hat superfino from Borsalino:

This Panama hat superfino from Borsalino is a must-have accessory for the summer. Panama hats are already known worldwide and for good reason. They are handmade, made of 100% natural materials and woven by master weavers from Ecuador.


The hats are made from a natural plant fiber, namely from the toquilla palm. they select the best ones and then cook them off. After this process, they place them in the sun to obtain a natural lighter color. Now they have used bleach on this hat to get this hat even whiter, the advantage of this is that your hat is more flexible!

Finally, everything is woven together by master weavers. They use weaving techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, with each generation improving it further.

The result? an exceptionally light summer hat that exudes class compared to ordinary straw hats. These can be so finely woven that sometimes you can’t tell that this comes from a plant!


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