Merino wool hat from Stetson


merino wool hat from Stetson:

  • model: hat
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Properties: warm, does not itch, one size, strong, non-linting
Merino wool hat from Stetson
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Merino wool hat from Stetson:

Is this merino wool hat the best hat in the world? We think so and we briefly explain below why we, like many others, love this hat so much.

The merino wool:

As many people can confirm and those who have some knowledge about wool know that the best wool in the world comes from the merino sheep. This is because the hairs are much finer than a normal sheep. They are super fine (thinner than 20 micrometers in diameter) and soft. Because of these qualities, they are often mixed with other high-quality materials such as: silk and cashmere.

Done with itch:

Most people with sensitive skin shudder at the thought of wearing wool directly against their skin. I also speak from experience and pleasant is indeed different. But with this special wool you don’t have that at all!

No more fluff:

I am a fan of natural materials and because they have many more advantages than synthetic materials (they are also less ecologically harmful). The disadvantage with ordinary wool is that they are coarser and can be woven less finely. This can cause some of those little bumps of wool to form on your clothes and make it thinner in some places. With merino wool, years may have passed and it will still retain its quality as at the beginning.

Little anecdote about a customer:

One day I got a customer in and noticed that he was wearing the exact same hat (the red one). However, I noticed that there was a different small label on it than the hats I had in the store. But still I thought to my own “that hat looks very much like the hats that are here … from which brand could it be?”. I wanted to know if this was a standard model that many brands ordered from some factory and just put their label on it. So I decided to ask him.

“Excuse me, sir, but may I look at your hat? And if I may ask rudely, where did you buy this hat?” I asked.

He replied “oh this old hat? I don’t remember, I bought this ten years ago”. he showed me his hat and then got a good look at the label. My eyes widened a little because I was pleasantly surprised. On that little label it said…. stetson.


That really says something about the quality of this hat. When a ten-year-old hat can still look as good as the new one from the store.

Since then I wear it and many others every winter season, highly recommended!




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