pliable hat by Herman H.



  • Brand: Herman headwear
  • Material: wolfelt
  • Features: Stylish, can be dented and bounce back into shape, protects you well from the elements
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foldable hat :

A stylish pliable hat that combines class with robustness.

These hats are also often associated with the term “crushable” or “pleat hat”, which means that these hats can take a beating. literally anyway! Doesn’t matter if it got stuck somewhere by accident or if something falls on it. You can then put it back in its original shape very easily, without effort.

In addition to its robustness, it has an easy fit which makes it very pleasant to wear. The wool ensures that it can withstand the rain and also keeps you warm during colder days of the year. He does this very well, thanks to his wide brim and the quality of the wool.

So are you the kind of person who can be quite rough and has killed several hats? Then this hat is an excellent choice for you.

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