“The William” Harris tweed flat cap city sport


Harris tweed flat cap

  • Model: flat cap
  • Brand: made byCity sport (designed by Harbor of men)
  • Material: Harris tweed, leather peak
  • Properties: Warm, moisture and dirt repellent, rustic


Harris tweed flat cap:

This Harris tweed flat cap is as you could read made with the famous Harris tweed . Those who know it know what makes this fabric so special, but if you are not that familiar with it, I will briefly explain what it is below.

Woven by hand.

Since the industrial revolution, it is hard to find traditionally made materials or pieces. But Harris tweed still carries the torch of tradition and quality proudly. Most of the fabrics we use are machine made. However, Harris is still tweed with the hand woven ! this gives the fabric unparalleled quality and unique patterns.

Made with virgin wool.

This virgin wool is special and no it’s not because it comes from a sheep that hasn’t picked its flower yet.

Virgin wool means that this is really pure wool that has not been processed or treated before. This is wool from the sheep’s first shearing. Consider it the first press when making olive oil.

This guarantees a higher quality and a better finish, which means that it will not fluff and will last longer.

Locally made in Scotland.

This wool is only made from one of the small peninsulas of Scotland, here they pass on the tradition from generation to generation. Harris tweed is a protected regional product and one should not just use the name. Only the real handwoven made out of virgin wool and coming from one of the small peninsulas of Scotland may use this name and bear the emblem.


So you can see when you wear this cap, you are wearing a cap with a rich history and tradition. Also not unimportant is that this cap is made by the City sport brand, which carries a rich history in its own right. They have been making caps for over 100 years in our own small country Belgium.

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