Harris tweed cap blue with pattern Stetson


  • Model: flat cap
  • Brand: Stetson
  • Material Harris tweed
  • Features: handmade, dirt and rain repellent, warm


Harris tweed cap blue with pattern Stetson:

I’m going to repeat myself because I mean it every time, this harris tweed cap blue with pattern is a new favorite of mine.

If I’m honest, all the hats on here online are with my favorite. How could it be different? I get to put together my own collection, so I choose the best that each brand has to offer.

But a recurring material at every brand is for me the hats in Harris tweed . for those who don’t know it a little introduction.

Harris tweed.

What is Harris Tweed? in short, a protected regional product, which comes from Scotland.

Harris tweed must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be handwoven.
  • Being made of virgin wool.
  • From Scotland.

Yes, you read that correctly woven by hand! This tradition and technique has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. This is one of the many reasons why this fabric is so loved by many, it is a combination of craft and tradition that is still honored today.

Genuine Harris tweed is always marked by this symbol which guarantees its authenticity and quality.


The fit.

Now you already have an idea of what the material is like, but what about the fit? This one is narrower than a newspaperboy cap but slightly wider than, for example, the driver from City Sports.

I think it’s nice in between because this is a cap that looks 99% good on all face shapes.

The color.

Harris tweed always uses rustic colors that occur in nature. So you will never see one that contains fluorescent yellow or red.

Although it is slightly lighter on this side than many, the cap has a nice blue that is combined with other colors with a square pattern.


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