handmade suspenders in copper color


Model: suspenders

Brand: house brand

Material: elastane, iron, 100% Italian full grain leather.

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Handmade suspenders in copper color:

These suspenders are in a beautiful copper color and they are made entirely by hand in Belgium!

made with attention to detail.

These suspenders are made with the best materials you can find. The squeezers come from Germany and the elastan from Belgium.

As icing on the cake, this is all neatly finished with (full grain) leather from Italy. This is then finished by craftsmen, who with great care and attention made this beautiful product.

How you want it.

The braces are easy to adjust and as you may have noticed before, you can attach them to your pants in two ways.

You can (if you have these) attach to buttons of your pants that are designed for suspenders. If you don’t have these, you can easily use the squeezers.

This is useful because this means that you can wear this on all trousers with ease.

Done with pants that sags down.

I didn’t realize this until I started wearing suspenders myself, but these hold your pants far better than any belt. Even with the best belts, my pants (even it’s only by a little bit) sags down. It didn’t matter how narrow I made these, it made no difference.

While wearing these, it feels like someone’s walking with you to hold up your pants.


suspenders are also very stylish, especially if you have the choice from different colors and motifs. These are in a solid color, but the copper color is a nice accent that you can add to your style.

dressed or casual, it’s your choice.

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