Handmade suspenders deluxe


  • Model: Bretellen deluxe
  • Material: elastane, nickel, bronze or aluminium, 100% Italian whole grain leather.
  • Features: Handmade, easy to set, one size
Brown leather with anthracite brown strap
Cognac leather with jeans blue strap


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Handmade suspenders deluxe:

These handmade suspenders deluxe go a step further than our other famous bretellen.

The extras

With these braces, they have used more of the leather, making it more of a more unique style and appear younger.

They have also placed an extra countable mechanism on the back so that you can set it even better to your posture.

Still with attention to detail and made with love.

I’m just going to list the same thing I’ve previously reported to the standard braces.

These braces are made with the best materials you can find for their price range:

  • The squeezers come from Germany so you can be sure of their quality. You also have a guarantee on these squeezers, we are so confident.
  • The elastane comes from Belgium.
  • As the icing on the cake, this is all neatly finished with (whole grain) leather from Italy.

This variety of sustainable materials is then hand-crafted by craftsmen. (And that in Belgium!)

How you want it.

The braces are user-friendly and easy to adjust. As a result, they are for anyone: large or small, thick or thin.

As you may have noticed before, there are two ways to attach the braces to your pants.

The authentic and classic way is with the suspender buttons of your pants. (if you have one)

Don’t you have suspender buttons?

Then that’s no problem at all, you just use the squeezers to attach them to your pants. Although I like the leather the most.

Do not forget to take it off when you use the braces (not at the same time.b.dat is not a view xD).

Done with pants that sags down.

When wearing suspenders, you immediately realize how well they hold your pants up. Sometimes it seems like someone walks with you invisibly and holds your pants up.


The suspenders are (currently) available in three colors, each color will give that extra flair to your outfit.



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